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Roof in a Box

All YOU need to put a beautiful, long lasting Architectural Metal Roof on your home, barn or commercial building. All shipped to your job site pre-cut and ready for you to install. Your roof in a box comes in two distinctive styles.


Batten Style Roof

Standing Seam Style Roof

4 Easy Steps to a Beautiful Columbia Metal Roof.

          1.  Contact us at or call 253-537-8320 or fax us at 253-536-1810 

              And give us a drawing or sketch of your roof with the approximate dimensions.

2. We will send you a pre bid package which includes: style information, color samples, and tool requirements, as well as an estimated cost.

3. After we receive your detailed roof plan, we will mail or fax you a firm price for your Roof in a Box.

4. When you are ready, we will ship all the materials you need to install your roof and provide you with our technical support numbers to answer your questions.